We protect your critical assets with a unique monitoring option for harsh environments

We enable businesses to take their operations to new levels of efficiency and safety.
Our photonic sensors for harsh environments combined with embedded analytics for predictive maintenance, unlock the high quality data and insights needed to help our partners make the most out of their operational assets.


Process Monitoring

Monitor your process and optimize this one by take the pulse of your asset directly at his heart. Thank’s to our complete and user friendly solution, improving your process is within your reach.

Anomaly Detection

Get real-time alerts about abnormal behaviour, to take action on time.
Improve safety, productivity, and troubleshooting.

Predictive Maintenance

Use data to plan your maintenance more efficiently, extend asset lifetime & prevent unplanned downtime.



Our one-stop-shop solution is chosen by clients to equip existing assets with photonic sensors and immediately get a real-time view on asset health or process monitoring, where previously not possible. Old assets become smart and ready for the digital age.

Full integration

Manufacturers collaborate with us to integrate our photonics sensing systems into the design of their future products. This enforces a competitive advantage, as harsh environments can be a barrier towards Industry 4.0.



In nuclear plants, radioactivity can create blind spots, increasing safety risk and associated down-time. Miraex sensing solutions can still operate in such conditions, and thus increase visibility on asset health.

High Voltage

High voltage environments are often beyond operating conditions of traditional sensors, but still need monitoring. Miraex sensor heads are electrically isolated from the readout system by an optical link, yielding them suitable for these environments.

Agriculture & Food

From harvesting to food processing and storage: lots of steps in the food transformation chain are subject to harsh conditions. On top, failure in one step can block the entire chain. Monitoring with Miraex sensors can improve efficiency, yield & quality.


The scale and environmental conditions of transportation infrastructure, be it rail or road, can make it hard to monitor in real-time. Miraex sensing solution can be used to monitor directly at the point of interest of e.g. train rails, wheels, pantographs, catenaries, as well as electric car charging and engine monitoring.


Photonic sensor are by essence the future of aerospace sensing solution. Because reliability, weight, size matters to this industry, we work towards making photonic sensor scalable.

Pharma, Chemical & Heavy Industries

High pressure, vibrations, explosive/ATEX, high temperature, aggressive materials,… Assets can be subject to extreme stress resulting in accelerating ageing and unpredicted failure.In addition, those assets are often directly safety risks.
Miraex sensing solution delivers real-time data, with size and sensitivity enabling assets monitoring directly from the inside.