We are driven by creating a new paradigm for photonic sensing

Photonic sensors have existed for decades and their advantages are well known by those having to deal with harsh environments. But their adoption is still limited due to their price point which is inherent to the complexity of their fabrication and principle of operation.

Driven by scalability

Miraex objective is to produce a full photonic smart sensing solution using state of the art semiconductor fabrication techniques. This include the sensor manufacturing (MOMS), its packaging, and the light source and embedded electronic.

Our primary achievement is the automation of the optical link assembly and manufacturing (from building the sensor to integrating it to an optical link).

This is done using techniques adapted to build sensor capable to work at high temperatures (up to 600°C).

Willing to make photonic sensors affordable for all harsh environments applications

Our team is working toward the industrialization of the electronic and light source in order to use traditional semiconductor fabrication techniques for those part of our sensing solution.

This achievement will create a new paradigm for sensing solution in harsh environments by making their monitoring affordable and efficient.

We master the whole chain to make this happen !

Miraex sensing technology is using a type of light source and a measurement method that has been chosen for its properties to be scalable.

The company develops its own designs and owns the full manufacturing process for its sensors and edge controller.

Miraex operates at a world-class cleanroom facility in Switzerland, enabling to both run high quality production as well as doing quick-turn custom designs for specific customer applications.‍