Proprietary full-stack platform
for sensing and quantum applications.
Using photons instead of electrons.
Proprietary full-stack platform for sensing and quantum applications. Using photons instead of electrons.
Miraex has developed a unique co-designed hardware and software platform.
The ability to combine the best hardware with the most suited software is the best way towards the highest performance solutions for customers.
A common wafer-level manufacturing
platform for all products.
Miraex proprietary hardware platform is based on semiconductor wafer-level processes, enabling high volume, compactness, high robustness and reproducibility. The company develops its own designs and owns the full manufacturing process for its sensors, transducers and converters.

Miraex operates at a world-class cleanroom facility in Switzerland, enabling to both run high quality production as well as doing quick-turn custom designs for specific customer applications.
Photonic sensing solutions:
photonics sensors & machine learning
Using photons instead of electrons.
Micro-optomechanical systems (MOMS), micro-electrooptical systems (MEOS) and photonic integrated circuits (PIC) are at the heart of our chips. Miraex photonic sensors only use photons (i.e. light) to measure vibrations, accelerations, pressures, electric fields, microwave fields and temperature.

There is no electricity and no metal in our sensors. Only sand and sun 🌞🏖.. This makes Miraex sensors completely passive, and thus intrinsically safe for explosive and hazardous area (ATEX compliant), intrinsically immune to electromagnetic interferences (EMI) or radio-frequency interferences (RFI), intrinsically safe for high-voltages and makes them robust to the harshest environments (extreme temperatures, radiations, etc).

In addition:
  • The sensors are extremely compact (only few millimeters), therefore can be placed or embedded into the smallest area.
  • The sensors are extremely sensitive (up to 100x more sensitive than  current available electric solutions) and can have higher bandwidth  than electric sensors.
  • The sensors have no electromagnetic footprint, thus cannot be detected and are environment-friendly.
Full edge-to-cloud IoT solution
Our photonic sensing solutions come with a custom Miraex edge IoT box to collect, buffer, process and transmit your data securely.

Our cloud-based IoT platform makes your data available anywhere, anytime and is scalable to millions of sensors.
Predict and anticipate with Machine Learning
Extremely sensitive sensors generate an extreme amount of raw data. To mine the hidden potential from your data, Miraex has developed a scalable cloud-based analytics pipeline that incorporates cutting-edge signal processing and machine learning.

In this way, the real power of your data is unleashed to generate actionable insights. From early event detection to predictive maintenance, we got you covered!
Miraex quantum platform: for single-photon levels
and quantum preserving devices.
Miraex is one of the few companies capable of developing a full system with tight integration and co-design of superconducting microwave and photonic circuitry, integrating bulky components and functions in a millimeter-scale package.
We use wafer-level semiconductor fabrication techniques and fabricate crystal-based quantum integrated devices and sensors on-chip.
Quantum Transducer: microwave to optical
Miraex quantum transducers are ultra-low noise direct microwave photon to optical photon transducers. They enable microwave single-photon detection.
Quantum Converter: preserving
quantum states
The energies of stationary (microwave photons) and flying (telecom optical photons) qubits differ by five orders of magnitude, but Miraex technology can bridge this gap. Miraex quantum converters are designed to convert quantum states between microwave and optical photons. They enable the transfer of quantum information over long distances between superconducting or spin chips, using classical optical telecom fiber, and thus the scalability of quantum networks.

Miraex technology will have a tremendous impact on the growth of quantum computing platforms by wiring-up quantum machines directly together and for instance speeding-up the scalability of quantum cloud solutions.
Quantum Software: full-stack quantum computing solutions
Near-term quantum algorithms follow a hybrid-quantum classical blueprint that exploit a specific hardware design to the fullest or, vice versa, require a purpose-built hardware accelerator to provide a desired functional speed-up. As Miraex combines roots in quantum hardware and quantum software, the team is thus ideally positioned to create such a hybrid quantum-classical software platform that optimally supports and unleashes the potential of a quantum co-processor to solve a new generation of problems.

Miraex team has extensive expertise in developing quantum software and quantum algorithms, and deploying end-to-end cloud-based software solutions using both quantum computing and machine learning.

Our experience ranges across the full stack, from high-level algorithm and platform development to low-level software engineering that is tailored to specific hardware and accompanied quantum instruction sets.

Our skills are acknowledged by both the quantum software community and recognized by various prizes and awards.
Our full-stack advantage
Building photonic and quantum solutions is challenging. It combines advances in engineering, physics, computer science and manufacturing. Integrating all these specialties under one roof and in one technology stack allows us to build the best platform and products for our customers.

Miraex technology & production team is composed of highly talented scientists and production-focused engineers, from semiconductor microfabrication, quantum hardware, integrated photonics and machine learning background.
Designed by Miraex. Built by Miraex.
Manufactured in Switzerland to the highest standards.
Operated by Miraex.
Delivering a scalable and seamless customer experience.
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custom developments.
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At the heart of our products:
Sensing solutions
Enabling insights in extreme
Enabling sensing of extremely
low energy signals at quantum level.
Enabling networking
of quantum computers.