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At Miraex, we are on a mission to build photonic
and quantum solutions for next-gen sensing,
networking and computing.
Shared team vision
A diverse team pioneering a sustainable future with photonic and quantum tech.
Commercializing quantum technologies may very well prove the most significant scientific and business achievement of the twenty-first century. Miraex is one of the few companies capable of doing so. Building photonic and quantum solutions is challenging.

It combines advances in engineering, physics, computer sciences and manufacturing. Integrating all these specialties under one roof and in one technology stack allows us to build the best platform and products for our customers. Miraex technology & production team is composed of highly talented scientists and production-focused engineers, from semiconductor microfabrication to quantum hardware, integrated photonics and machine learning background.

From our investors to our partners, we are dedicated to building a more efficient and sustainable future : with exponentially more energy-efficient supercomputers, optimized and safe factories, saving electricity with passive sensors, replacing copper by glass fibers, supporting the energy sector, helping saving food stocks, avoiding environmental accidents, securing critical assets, enabling autonomous vehicles and lighter aircrafts, as well as helping consolidate technological sovereignty and national security for our customers.
Life at Miraex
A position at Miraex carries with it immeasurable benefits for you and your family. Our region is extraordinary - widely regarded as world’s most beautiful and peaceful. Our community is rich in cultural attractions and scientific advantages with the proximity of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and many other institutions.
At Miraex, you will enjoy a professional environment suited to scientific expression. And Léman’s climate permits outdoor family recreation the year around, between the shores/beaches of Lake Geneva and the majestic mountains; at the heart of Europe, connected to all lively cities; in the Olympic capital.

Our goal is to find the best talent to be part of our team.
Dedicated to make the impossible possible.
Our values
Team, trust
Dedicated to make the impossible possible.
We science the s💩🔬💪
out of things.
Committed to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.
Award-winning company
with strong support
Join us, our team is growing
We are committed to your health, wealth and happiness.
We are building a workplace that fosters inclusivity alongside productivity.
At Miraex, you’ll have resources, flexibility and amazing benefits.
Paternity leave
Miraex wishes to offer gender equality by offering to fathers the possibility to spend more time with their family in the event of the birth of a new child. You are eligible from your first day of employment for 4 weeks of paid time off for every new child.
Generous time off
Employees are eligible for 5 weeks vacation (25 days) in addition to ~10 national holiday.
Sports & bikes
Privileged and discounted access to the sports center located on the shores of Lake Geneva. Free onsite bikes for outdoor use.
Meals and drinks
Eat healthy, delicious food with your colleagues in 30+ catering options with discounts. Participate in happy hours. Access free electric barbecue on campus.
Innovation campus life
Cultural, scientific and other social events on campus. Vibrant connections. Access to top library. Charge of your electric vehicle. Great connections to public transports.
Current opportunities
Electronics engineer
Lausanne - Full time
Software engineer
Lausanne - Full time
No open position currently.
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