Transportation, railway, electric and autonomous vehicles
Reduce delays. Build real-time full health network monitoring. Increase safety.
Miraex uses it own ultra-senstitve and harsh environments photonic sensors, together with its machine learning platform to provide real-time network monitoring: rails, wheels, pantograpsh, and catenaries. As well as providing solutions for electrical and autonomous vehicles wireless charging and engine monitoring.
Trains and cars, being electrical, gas or gas, will remain the main transportation means in the 21st century. 

In addition, infrastructure is extremely costly to build, extremely spread out over the territory, such as railways, and induces very high (unplanned) maintenance costs.

Rail and train infrastructure monitoring is today often limited to a few dedicated inspection trains that are slower than commercial trains, run during limited times, and focus on specific lines. This leads to infrequent monitoring, and undetected costly issues that arise between inspections on the vast rail network. The ideal solution for railways and operators, rather than infrequent inspections, is a real-time full network health monitoring system.
Challenges for railways
Most predictive solutions are based on secondary sensor data, where sensors are placed away from the point of interest, in nearby "safe" places, compromising on the quality of information and insights.

The weakest and highest cost parts in wind-turbines (bearings, gearbox, generator) are also the parts in the harshest environments.

Wind Turbines operate in extremely salt-rich, high-humidity, and intense magnetic-field environments, which limits a traditional sensing system's precision and robustness.

The closer a sensor is placed to the point of interest, the more precise and reliable the information is, resulting in greater operational efficiency and lower overall costs.
Miraex Solution: the best of each world
Miraex provide full stack solution based on its high-voltage insensitive, small size, and low weight photonic sensors, combined with advanced industrial AI solution.

Vibration sensors and electric-field sensors can be used to monitor, on high speed commercial trains: rails defects, abnormal wheel wear, catenary to pantograph defects, and electrical arc generation. Providing critical input to improve network efficiency, optimize maintenance, avoiding dewirement and identifying defects early before they worsen or spread on rail.
Intrinsically immune to harsh environments
Ultra-small size for optimal integration
Extreme sensitivity
ML platform benefits:
  • Scalable to millions of sensors
  • Predict issues sooner using better data
  • Improve signal quality
  • Make smarter decisions
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Miraex Solution: the best of each world
More accurate prediction, greater cost optimization
Improve operational efficiency. Reduce down-time. Reduce delays for users.
Improve operational performance and revenue
Single cloud-based or on-premise data storage providing a centralized view of operational performance.
Improve maintenance efficiency & assets
Better maintenance planning, prevention of unplanned downtime, extending asset lifetime.
Reduce down-time
For operator or service provider, improve railway on-time. Reduce repair cost.
Workforce benefits
Easy to install, plug-and-play full-stack (HW to SW) solution
Web-based interface, or integrable API, to view and monitor from anywhere, anytime. Built for the operation team, failure analysis team, maintenance team,and asset manager
Head of operations can optimize asset capital investment lifecycle, plan for equipment replacement investment.
Failure engineers can improve productivity, repair planning and troubleshooting.
On-site operators have real-time asset health view, enabling lower down-time, improved repair time, and reduced cost.
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