Semiconductor equipment industry
Less down-time. More operating stability.
Miraex delivers systems with unprecedented precision and robustness for semiconductor predictive maintenance, asset monitoring and anomaly detection using its revolutionary ultra-sensitive harsh environment photonic sensors, together with its machine learning platform.
Semiconductor equipments
Semiconductor equipment operates with high precision, at high throughput, and in harsh environments.

Whether in industrial production environments or University laboratories, equipment is extremely sensitive to drift and down-time, which can result in large losses.

A typical semiconductor wafer fabrication is done in a clean room with a sequential process using on average 30 different manufacturing equipments. A single equipment being down can stop the entire fabrication line. In some semi-industrial clean rooms, equipment can be down for up to a month due to unexpected failure.

In addition, many of those equipments can drift over time, slowly or unexpectedly strongly, leading to wafer-to-wafer process variations and ultimately silicon chip yield loss, or a strong decrease in chip performance in case the chip designer accounts for maximum process variability in its original design.

Both cases are unacceptable, and in this very competitive environment, ON-time, process repeatability and wafer yield are key differentiators. Miraex provides solutions to improve both.
Equipment such as Scanning Electron Microscopes, Transmission Electron Microscopes and other electron-beam machinery are extremely sensitive to vibrations, and generate themselves large electromagnetic fields making it very difficult for accurate monitoring.

Similarly mask aligners are very sensitive to any vibrations.

Deposition equipment (evaporator, sputter) and plasma etchers are representative of extreme environments where no electronic sensors can be placed inside the chamber.

Many of those machines have unpredictable failures, because current monitoring and predictive maintenance tools are insufficient, resulting in weeks of down-time.
Miraex Solution: high sensitivity in harsh environments
Miraex designs, manufactures and delivers ultra-compact, low-weight pressure, acoustic, temperature, and electric field sensors designed to sustain very high pressure forces while providing extreme sensitivity and compatibility to harsh environements such as cryogenic temperatures.

This enables a minimal fluidic and mechanical footprint, therefore optimal for all types of aerospace and wind systems developments.
Intrinsically immune to magnetic and electric fields
Ultra-small size for optimal integration
Extreme sensitivity
ML platform benefits:
  • Scalable to millions of sensors
  • Predict issues sooner using better data
  • Improve signal quality
  • Make smarter decisions
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Customer Value
Reduce equipment downtime, get stable throughput
Improve wafer yield, improve predictive maintenance.
Improve operational performance
Real-time equipment monitoring and analysis.
Resulting in more on-time and on-specs equipments, meaning more throughput.
Improve maintenance planning
Better maintenance planning.
Prevent unplanned downtime.
Extend asset lifetime.
AI-based solution
Benefit from machine-learning training built by semiconductor equipment community.
Workforce benefits
Full stack solution for smooth and continuous process performance & stability
Increase safety, increase clean room user experience, improve throughput.
Plug-and-play solution. Web-based monitoring, automatic anomaly detection and alerts.
User friendly interface.
Safer environment
Monitor equipment from the inside, real-time.
Better clean room user experience
Better process planning for operator and process engineer. Improve process cycle time.
Improve wafer throughput.
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