Predictive maintenance
Less downtime. More efficient maintenance. More throughput.
Miraex uses it own ultra-sensitive harsh environments photonic sensors, together with its machine learning software to provide unprecedented full stack (Hardware-Software) solution in the precision and robustness of predictive maintenance, bringing more value to customers.
Predictive maintenance and industry 4.0
There are currently no industries that have not started to look into predictive maintenance to improve operation and decrease downtime risk as well as human factor risks.

This results in average in savings of up to 25% of maintenance cost for operators, 45% downtime reduction, 75% of breakdown elimination and 25% in production output, plus extended asset lifetime though more efficient maintenance.
Analytical modeling only: most of the currently tools currently used for predictive maintenance are based on analytical modeling, considering mechanical analytics primarily and defining the failure mode. Cars services are typically based on this. This technique does provide some benefits but does not account for environmental effect that the asset is subject of and provides a “generic averaged guidance”, not personalized for a given equipment. 

Consumer electronics of light industrial sensors combined with analytics modeling: sensors are typically placed in “safe” environments, with off-the-shelf frequency-amplitude specifications therefore providing secondary-level of data that typically requires analytical or machine learning model not to increase performances but simply to extract and try to extrapolate the information happening in the harsh environments.
Miraex Solution: the best of each world
Miraex designs, manufactures, and delivers best-in-class predictive maintenance, issue detection, and asset monitoring systems for your wind turbine's vibrating parts.

Miraex solutions combine revolutionary photonic sensors and machine learning (AI) to enable real-time accurate predictive/preventive maintenance, alert/condition monitoring, and anomaly/event detection.
Intrinsically immune to harsh environments
Ultra-small size for optimal integration
Extreme sensitivity
ML platform benefits:
  • Scalable to millions of sensors
  • Predict issues sooner using better data
  • Improve signal quality
  • Make smarter decisions
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Miraex Solution: the best of each world
More accurate prediction, greater cost optimization
Improve operational efficiency. Reduce down-time
Improve operational performance and revenue
Single cloud-based or on-premise data storage providing a centralized view of operational performance.
Improve maintenance efficiency & assets
Better maintenance planning, prevention of unplanned downtime, extending asset lifetime.
Reduce down-time
For operator or service provider, reduce downtime. Reduce repair costs.
Workforce benefits
Easy to install, plug-and-play full-stack (HW to SW) solution
Web-based interface, or integrable API, to view and monitor from anywhere, anytime. Built for the operation team, failure analysis team, maintenance team,and asset manager
Head of operations can optimize asset capital investment lifecycle, plan for equipment replacement investment.
Failure engineers can improve productivity, repair planning and troubleshooting.
On-site operators have real-time asset health view, enabling lower down-time, improved repair time, and reduced cost.
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