Fluid dynamics
Minimally invasive aerodynamics & water fluid dynamics measurements.
Miraex delivers ultra-sensitive and harsh environments photonic sensors, together with its data analysis platform to provide non-invasive fluid pressure measurements in wind tunnels and water testing pools.
Fluid Dynamics
Any aerospace device, whether large commercial planes, private jets, fighter jet, or space rockets as well as wind turbine wings, cars etc require model testing in a wind tunnel to validate analytical and FEM modeling.

More advanced studies like dynamic stall and vortex dynamics also require non-invasive measurements.

Typical use cases involve the use of 50 to 200 sensors, placed at different locations on the model and streaming sensed data to a centralized computing system to reconstruct the 3D model with air/water pressure and sensor positioning. Each individual sensor provide critical information to the design engineering team.
Any additional measurement sensor placed on top of aerospace models to be tested in wind tunnel will perturb the fluidic behavior by the presence of the sensor itself.

Any measurement sensor placed inside the model will modify locally its rigidity and weight.

In both cases, the measurement result will be inaccurate.

There is a need for ultra-compact, ultra-low weight, sensitive and high-pressure resistant pressure and acoustic sensors.
Miraex Solution: high sensitivity with minimal fluidic footprint
Miraex designs, manufactures and delivers ultra-compact, low-weight pressure, acoustic, temperature, and electric field sensors designed to sustain very high pressure forces while providing extreme sensitivity and compatibility to harsh environements such as cryogenic temperatures.

This enables a minimal fluidic and mechanical footprint, therefore optimal for all types of aerospace and wind systems developments.
Intrinsically immune to harsh environment
Ultra-small size for optimal integration
Extreme sensitivity
ML plateform benefits:
  • Scalable to millions of sensors
  • Predict issues sooner using better data
  • Improve signal quality
  • Make smarter decisions
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Customer outcomes & benefits
Optimize engineering cycle
Minimally invasive aerodynamics measurements
Improve aerodynamics tests
Aerodynamics measurements without perturbations.

Compact sensors that can be distributed in large numbers to increase measurement precision.

Quick modeling-to-test turn-around
Real-time data
User friendly web-based cloud interface, real-time data analysis.

Benefiting from machine learning solution.
Safer products
Test identical to field conditions (high pressure, environment conditions).
Resulting in safer field implementation.