Chemistry, Oil & Gas
Less downtime. Continuous Monitoring. Increase asset lifetime. More security
Miraex delivers systems with unprecedented precision and robustness for Oil&Gas, chemical, pharmaceutical industries predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, and anomaly detection using its revolutionary ultra-sensitive harsh environment photonic sensors, together with its machine learning software.
Oil & Gas and chemical plants and infrastructures are subject to the harshest environments.

In these industries, equipment downtime can have massive impact on production and productivity and should absolutely be minimized. Security is also a major focus, but in some cases the lack of monitoring has led to on-site accidents that could have been avoided with the right real-time data.
High pressure, vibrations, explosive/ATEX, high temperature, aggressive environment with salt and corrosive material - assets are subject to extreme stress resulting in accelerating ageing and unpredicted failure.

In addition, those assets should also be the most secured ones as directly linked to infrastructure and people safety.

There is a need for real-time harsh-environment compatible sensing solution, with size and sensitivity enabling assets monitoring directly from the inside.
Miraex Solution: the best of each world
Miraex’s ultra-sensitive, ultra-small, harsh environment and ATEX compatible vibration, acoustic, pressure, temperature and electrical field sensors can be placed at the heart of any equipments or infrastructure to measure primary-level of information, combined with its machine learning, can provide the most advanced full stack solution for asset monitoring, predictive maintenance and alert detection

Applications example :
- Deep sea equipment monitoring
- Acoustic sensors for gas leakage detection
- Gas valve behavior monitoring
Naturally immune to harsh environments
Ultra-small size for optimal integration
Extreme sensitivity
ML platform benefits:
  • Scalable to millions of sensors
  • Predict issues sooner using better data
  • Improve signal quality
  • Make smarter decisions
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Miraex Solution: the best of each world
More accurate prediction, greater cost optimization
Improve operational efficiency. Reduce down-time
Improve operational performance and revenue
Single cloud-based or on-premise data storage providing a centralized view of operational performance.
Improve maintenance efficiency & assets
Better maintenance planning, prevention of unplanned downtime, extending asset lifetime.
Improve safety
For operator or service provider, improve wind farm ON-time. Reduce repair costs.
Workforce benefits
Easy to install, plug-and-play full-stack (HW to SW) solution
Web-based interface, or integrable API, to view and monitor from anywhere, anytime. Built for the operation team, failure analysis team, maintenance team,and asset manager
Head of operations can optimize asset capital investment lifecycle, plan for equipment replacement investment.
Failure engineers can improve productivity, repair planning and troubleshooting.
On-site operators have real-time asset health view, enabling lower down-time, improved repair time, and reduced cost.
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