Aerospace, Security & Defense
Detect the undetectable,
with quantum-enhanced sensing systems.
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Dedicated to defending sovereign capabilities, protecting lives
and securing the vital interests of our customers.
Photonic sensing solutions, undetectable measurements
in the most critical situations.
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Quantum-enhanced sensors with unprecedented sensitivities, for radars, interception, satellite communications, etc.
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Aerospace & Defense 4.0
Discover our full set of photonic sensing solutions, which can be specifically optimized for civil and military security applications like missile warning and protection of airborne, naval or ground based vehicles and assets.

Immune to interference from electromagnetic (EM) fields and do not electrically disturb other devices. No EM fingerprint/non-detectable sensors. Electromagnetically undetectable sensors deployable over kilometers in the field.

Suitable for harsh environments, i.e. high temperatures, high voltages, dust, or explosive environments. Intrinsically safe. No electricity at the sensor allowing for use in the most hazardous environments.

Extremely small and light-weight. Thinner than a human hair and lighter than you can imagine. Ideal for embedded applications.

Completely passive. No risk of interception. Unprecedented EMI survivability. Secure IoT without wifi interception risk, all optical.
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Quantum transducers: quantum-enhanced
sensing systems
Our quantum-enhanced sensor technology surpass existing technologies in terms of sensitivity, immunity and compactness;  it can be used in numerous applications for protection and reconnaissance.

Our quantum transducers can offer two major breakthroughs for  applications in the defense domain, that are, the superior sensitivity and compactness. The sensitivity advantage is guaranteed by the use of quantum resources, that is, quantum transducers use a pronounced sensitivity to extract precise information about the physical quantity measured. Compactness stems from the use of microscale-sized sensing devices. This leads to higher spatial resolution thanks to miniaturization of the devices and makes quantum sensors suitable for integrated solutions in small and flexible systems.
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Photonics-enhanced quantum radar
Changing your approach to remote sensing
in the microwave and millimeter-wave domain.

Quantum properties of electromagnetic fields offer the possibility of breaking classical limits in many domains, in particular in that of remote sensing. It offers an impressive enhancement of sensitivity, especially when detecting targets with very small radar cross-sections and weak returning echoes. This is true, in principle, no matter how faint is the received echo.
Our quantum transducers can boost the sensitivity of remote sensing to an unprecedented level, potentially excluding the possibility of having stealth targets and overcoming jamming techniques.At the heart of our quantum transducers, we transform radio and microwave photons to optical photons, at the single-photon level. Beating electronics in noise level, electromagnetic immunity & survivability, compactness and removing electronics at the point of measurement.
Our quantum transducer product
Microwave single-photon sensor
To remotely and passively measure low noise microwave signals with no EM signature
Frequency range: 1GHz-10GHz
Sensitivity < down to single-photon (low temperature)
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The quantum internet: leveraging quantum networks for the defense industry
The interconnection of quantum devices via the Quantum Internet - i.e., through a network enabling quantum communications among remote quantum nodes - can provide disruptive functionalities with no counterparts in the classical world.

Killer applications for defense range from secure communications, blind quantum computing, exponential speed-up of computing power with quantum accelerators and computers,  advanced quantum sensing techniques and quantum-enhanced radar network.

Our quantum converters enable that to become a reality.
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Our capabilities
Miraex swiss manufacturing is internally integrated to accommodate a wide range of complex defense and aerospace solutions.

From microfabrication to optical polishing and assembly, our customers appreciate our ability to provide high quality design and engineering for a variety of products and services.
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